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Submit a Proposal

 Step 1

Download a Letter of Intent (LOI) for the award you are applying to.

Fellowship Project Award

Download MS Word
Research Award

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 Step 2

Complete the LOI, providing the title of the proposed research or educational project, a 500- or 800-word description (depending on the type of award you are applying to), and a budget estimate.

 Step 3

Email completed LOIs to the Program Secretariat at:

LOIs will be reviewed by all members of the Grants Review and Awards Committee (GRAC). Applicants submitting acceptable LOIs will be asked by the GRAC to submit a Full Proposal.

Applicants invited to submit a Full Proposal will receive the full application form by email.

 Next Steps

Full Proposal

If your LOI is accepted by the GRAC, you will be emailed the Full Proposal form as a Word document. You should complete the Full Proposal form before emailing the document to the Program Secretariat. You may be required to include other documents with your form, e.g. a CV. These should be cut and pasted into your form so that you submit a single Word document.

If a given section does not apply to your proposal, please write 'not applicable' in the appropriate space, so we can be sure it was not left blank in error.

Feedback from the GRAC is available to all individuals who complete a Full Proposal, whether or not an award is made.

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